digital future meetup in der factory300

If you are interested in disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Chatbots, AR/VR, Blockchain, Space Mining and their practical implications, then Digital Future meetup series is a must-see. Catalysts and factory300 are gathering experts from diverse industry fields that present various interesting topics together. Talks are mixed, some more and some less technical, so visitors with all backgrounds can benefit from it. 

The last Digital Future Meetup was held on September 5th with, as usual, 3 talks:

  • Christian Fritsch (co-founder of Invenium), “Analytics of Mobility Patterns based on Floating Phone Data”: The company Invenium is cooperating with multiple Tel-Co’s all over Europe to gather location/movement data of users on SIM card basis. The data is anonymized in blocks, so the system “follows” you for 24h, for privacy reasons. The data is used for analyzing and optimizing traffic of cars, trains and public transport, as well as tourism. They are slowly starting to implement more complex data-science methods.


  • Christoph Kofler (Gepardec) and Martin Strigl, “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the OpenShift Galaxy”, part two: A live demo of an OpenShift deployment, acted out as a dialogue between multiple user parties, showing that you CAN deploy a new project based on an existing source code repository in 5 minutes mostly by clicking through a fancy web UI. The Output of that would cover the following topics:
    – A Build Setup source 2 image build
    – Build your application from source Generate docker image Push docker image in registry Build triggered by source code change
    – A Deployment Config Trigger on Docker Image change Generates new instance via rolling deployment (no downtime)
    -A route Application immediately accessible via http(s)://… URI


  • Etienne Koo (twinster), “The power of 3D avatars”. For the first time, there was a girl on stage! She had a really interesting topic and also awesome presentational skills. She talked about avatars and their application in the clothing industry. All interested people are invited to visit her at factory300 and create their digital avatar! 🙂

Interested? Cool! Our next Meetup has already been published and will take place on Oct, 17th @factory300.
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See you there!
Michael Kirchmair (factory300) & Tijana Vlaskalic (Catalysts)